Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Right To Reply

I was under the impression that here in the good old UK we enjoyed the right to freedom of speech.  It is one of the things that our fearless leaders are constantly bleating about when trying to impress upon the rest of the world and indeed upon us that Britain is a model democracy.  Then I heard a vague rumour, a rustling in the grass, to the effect that websites, discussion forums and blogs like this which are critical of Atos and the ESA system were being taken down and in some cases the authors threatened with legal action.

Now as a mental health sufferer, I know how easy it is to become paranoid about things like this, but there is truth in the old joke that says Just because youre paranoid, it doesnt mean they arent out to get you!  It seems that Atos are indeed on the lookout for criticism on the web and are prepared to go to great lengths to silence their opposition!  Tentacles of Doom lists a number of incidences of Atos attempts to suppress free speech, many of them successful.  So Marriott Edgar may have had his tongue firmly in his cheek when he wrote in his monologue The Magna Charter [sic] that In England today you can do as you like, as long as you do as youre told! but there is yet another old saying which applies here Theres many a true word spoken in jest!

And all this links back inevitably to my original post on this subject, concerning the derogatory and hate-filled headlines trumpeted by the organs of the tabloid press and endorsed by the ConDems.  [And I am thankful to note that I am not the only person who is incensed by this propaganda.]  Once you have successfully turned one half of the population against the other, who will care enough to support those whose welfare rights are being withdrawn and even their right of free speech suppressed?

So where do we go from here?  What can we do to arm and protect ourselves against this avalanche of invective and the suppression of our rights?  The answer is Im not entirely sure BUT there are a number of campaign groups and organisations we can support or take part in.  I highly recommend a website called National Protest Against Benefit Cuts by benefitclaimantsfightback.  Check it out and see what YOU can do to stem the tide There is also an excellent on-line petition directed to the Minister for Health at Against DWP Reforms for the Genuinely Sick & Disabled I urge you to sign it!

These small actions may seem like a drop in the ocean but each little drop we add will increase the strength of the whole.  Thanks to the incitement to indifference, if not to outright hatred, propagated by our government and their toadies in the press and media, we cant look to the healthy, working population of this country for support we are on our own and we must help ourselves however, wherever and whenever we can! 

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Pete, Freeman on the Land said...

So the IMF in all its confusion began by telling everyone that the future should be an Austerity programme.Now it seems there is too much austerity and we need growth. How refreshing. The supposedly best brains in the economic world could not understand that if you want to pay back a loan you need to be able to earn the money to do so. So peasants work your balls off for growth.
Why are some of the mega rich asking to be taxed more? Socail conscience? No they are afraid that the world is starting to bubble. People with guts are beginning to tell the oligarchs that they have had enough. Revolution is in the air.
We gave money to banks, not loaned, so they have no obligation to pay us back. Where then does the money come from? It comes from those people lucky enough, at the moment, to have a job. Tax more cut more, the people that make most use of the public services are the poor or needy not the millionaire wealthy politicians.
How arrogant are these people that they dear to cut the .50p tax on the rich “because it makes no economic sense” What about the moral sense of justice if we are “all in it together”. The arrogance is astounding. They do not care a jot about any of us, only about their selves and their duck houses.
As far as I remember no party had a mandate for the brutality being meted out by the Muppets Gleg and Camooron.
Now we have the USA doing a u turn. This must be the most indebted country in the world. Usually the USA goes to war to boost the economy, amongst other reasons. They are now so broke they don’t know which way to turn. You can only pay back debt if you generate income Mr. Camooron.
What you now have in the UK is a right wing ideologue supported by a second rate self interested wanaby politicians.
Of course they will stick to their austerity programme because the reason for the programme s to farm out to the private sector as much of the public sector as possible. Public money from taxes going to private sector as profits.
More to come but enough for now
Pete Freeman on the land